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Language Interpreters Bootcamp
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Awesome Reviews

This is what our students say about the bootcamp!

“For me, it has been a wonderful opportunity to discover the new world of remote interpreting and to focus on a positive activity right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis...on the whole it has been quite an exciting experience... it has brought me lots of great information, tips on how to practice and a way to get to know peers with whom I will be able to go on improving my skills in the near future. Thank you to all of you!”

Agnès Bourguet


“I would like to thank Claudia and any others who helped provide this opportunity: I learned SO much! It was a great eye-opener, even a significant source of stress due to the workload! However, I think I learned a lot of useful tools and the course established a great framework for developing my potential future activity as an interpreter. A very demanding and very useful course to initiate the translator into the wild world of interpreting. Very complete and current - would absolutely recommend”

Alex Ossa


“This course brushed up my previous training in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, providing me new hope for a field I've never worked in, that is the one of remote interpreting, and also helping me to meet fellow colleagues. It was an amazing experience for hard times such as the present ones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Alice Bellia


“I'm really glad I took this course in the end. It has been a really good experience upgrading our knowledge and skills, but also getting to know some people that after all these days together seem like (virtual) family! For me, it has been losing fear to the camera and learning, above all, how to be camera friendly while keeping a professional interpreter's demeanor. I think I got it! :) Thanks to the ProZ family and to Claudia for the effort in putting this together for such a big bunch of people.”

Ana Escobar Requena


“The course is useful for everyone, regardless the experience or field of expertise. If you decide to take the course, please secure at least four hours a day for the practice and make sure you have enough time to carefully listen to all the videos as they are a valuable sources of information... Remember that the second part of the course is the most important so you cannot just skip it. I surely recommend the course, just do it!”

Anzhelika Kuznetsova


“Thank you, CLAUDIA, for this wonderful course; it was marvelous on so many points. In spite of its hectic and challenging schedule, the course was informative and interactive. It was certainly livelier and engaging than I had hoped for. I’m so honored to have attended the course with you and Proz Training team. You did a fantastic job in organizing everything around the course and keeping everybody satisfied, well done.”

Asmaa Muhammad


“It was a great training for me, I enjoyed every bit of it. The course was a revision to my old information and adding new ones. I gained ideas, new techniques which I am going to use in my work and above all, new friendships and communications. Thank you for all your efforts and I will certainly recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Basma Maghazaji


“I am very satisfied with this course... I gained some very useful information and some helpful pointers on what to practice in the future. There were many practical tips, as well as essential information on ethics and codes of practice. I enjoyed in particular Claudia’s motivating Welcome talks every day....I found the course very useful...I gained some very useful information and some helpful pointers on what to practice in future.”

Carol Smith


“This course has been a great experience and it just came at the perfect time. It has allowed me not only to brush up my interpreting skills, but also to meet new colleagues, which is something I've been longing since becoming a freelancer. Claudia and the ProZ team have been fantastic and worked really hard in order to sort any issue we had. I'd like to thank them for this wonderful opportunity and I'm certain the knowledge I have acquired with this course will be very valuable to enter the remote interpreting market.”

Carolina Conejero


“I would like to thank our fantastic trainer, Mrs. Claudia, for her competence, professionalism, warm welcome, support and for this great opportunity. She exerted a lot of efforts in organizing this training program. From the very beginning, she was encouraging us, transferring her valuable knowledge and helping us keep going, even when it was difficult. I would like also to thank all the technical team and the coordinators for their efforts, their dedication and their time spent to solve all issues and to offer help in this training.”

Christina Samir


“Claudia's training has shown me where I need to go from here to improve my professional skills. Thank you so much! … This training was extremely well organized. I learned so much. I now know the importance of having acting skills and also really appreciate the large numbers of reference documents provided for my personal review.”

Cjason Narhi


“Claudia Brauer, is an exceptional instructor. The course was full of knowledge, skills and experiences that I would have never found elsewhere. Beginning from the need to be tech-savvy and able to solve your own technical issues, the actor modality for interpreters, confidentiality, HIPPA and Brauer code of ethics, note taking and listening skills, team work, the importance of good customer service, humanity and a whole lot more!”

Dalia Fouad


“This bootcamp was intense, yet I received great training which has already benefited me in my other line of work, online English tutoring. I have been trying to apply many of the things that we´ve learned, and they really do work! Hats off to Claudia Brauer for being such a good teacher! She kept us motivated and even added some humor. Well done!”

Deborah; Howze


“The Bootcamp Challenge is such an amazing journey to any interpreter who needs to convert to be a Remote Interpreter as well to any ambitious novice interpreter. It is really worth it, I have learned so many new things, refreshed my knowledge, and last but not least demystified the Remote Interpreting is a kind of a second school for all translators and interpreters from all over the world. Such a great opportunity!”

Esma Zahzah


“Rarely a course is that much rich in content and perfect in simulating remote interpreting reality... I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Claudia for her commitment, willingness and generosity in making this course a success. Always, count me in your mother ship towards a new galaxy!  A special mention goes to the technical team of Proz for handling this new course in a matter of hours. Bravo!”

Ihab Elkhatib


“The course was very good and well organized. Thank you very much. I really liked the idea of the course. The material still needs a bit of work and finetuning, though. Also, throughout the course I was unsure who the intended audience were. Some things were new and useful others were very basic. I really enjoyed working in the virtual team.”

Kristin Fischer


“This course gives you a comprehensive view of remote interpreting as a working field. Now I know what I have to do, what I should avoid, where I should look for more resources. I know my strengths and I am aware of my weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself, too.... I have learned a lot, I got out of my comfort zone and it was totally ok! This is a very valuable experience, not only professionally, but personally, and I really do appreciate it. I got to reflect on my previous experience as an interpreter and thanks to you now I feel more prepared and confident as an interpreter... this course was an amazing opportunity and I am really glad and proud I have been part of it! The amount of knowledge you shared with us is incredible and it was great to have such a professional, optimistic and motivating teacher. Thanks again!”

Ksenia Yakovleva


“I appreciate how responsive the instructor and team were to technical issues encountered during the course and to questions about anything that participants had. Really great support!.. I was very impressed with how responsive the team was to issues that came up during the course and was truly surprised to often see some issues fixed from one day to the next.  Thank you for all your hard work!”

Laura Molinari


“Claudia Brauer's Bootcamp was a very challenging and enriching experience. I would like to express my gratitude again for the opportunity to join this fascinating course. If it were not for the current lockdown in the UK, I might not have been able to dedicate all the time and effort needed to keep up with the pace, as this is a very intense course. There are loads to read, lots of videos to watch and lots of practice required and it is all very worthwhile... Claudia, your Verbal Gym is absolutely brilliant, because in this profession we need a lot of practice and to be able to assess and reflect upon our performance in an honest way, if we are to continuously improve ourselves. Thank you also for all the link”

Leticia Albani-Hawa


“I can’t say it enough how much I am grateful...  Unfortunately, I know that for my language pairs there won’t be much, if any, work in remote interpretation, but I am still happy to have discovered this whole new world. Thank you, Claudia, really, for making meaningful there strange days! [The course] is an extraordinary gift... I am extremely grateful... I didn’t expect the content would be so rich… I had to work as if I were attending a university course, this was really serious!”

Ljiljana Grubac


“II would like to thank you for the opportunity to take this course. I have learned a lot. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed because of the short period of time to complete all assignments but I am glad I was able to finish it. The course was very challenging. Content was a great. It gave us a lot of opportunities to learn about the industry and develop our skills to become a remote interpreter.”

Maira Santos


“This course is full of tools for Remote Interpreters and Over the phone Interpreters. ... Claudia Bauer is really amazing, she speaks clearly. I was able to take notes while listening to her video scripts . When you get stranded, she is always there and ready to help. She is a good teacher and wants everybody to progress. She is an open-minded person with a lot of resources.”

Marie Nahimana


“This program is not only rich in knowledge and tips to apply this knowledge through consistent practice, but also, it treats the learners as human beings, it included several tips on how to develop one’s interpersonal skills while sustaining his own health and well-being. The designer of the course, Mme. Brauer, anticipated the issues that could inhibit the learners from keeping up with the progress of the course, and provided enough time to complete all tasks and activities. Simply visionary and ahead of the curve... Thank you for curating such a holistic and accurate course! it really genuinely exceeded my expectations, and I had really high ones.”

Meriem__ .


“I just want to thank Claudia and her team for this AMAZING opportunity. It was definitely a remarkable experience, it was intense but exciting and full of new information. The training material is great. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU… This is a great (and intense) boot camp that shows you the steps you need to follow to become a remote interpreter or improve your skills if you are already working on the field. It opened my eyes to a world I knew very little about and that is growing at an incredible speed. Claudia has always a smile on her face which makes you want to log in every day and learn more. Many thanks to Claudia and her team for this amazing experience”

Pamela Olea


“The course fulfilled all my expectations from a theoretical and practical knowledge point of view. However, my most important take away is all the passion and positive energy that Claudia transmitted us ... I am really happy that I decided to accept this challenge, and I do believe that it will help enhance the quality of my professional services”

Patricia Ferreira Larrieux


“Thank you so much to everyone involved for the time and effort put into organizing, delivering and constantly improving the course....This course offers very solid foundational knowledge for remote interpreting, and combines this with many opportunities to practice consistently among peers. This results in significant and rapid evolution for both beginners and experienced remote interpreters.”

Peter Stanley


“An amazing experience with a wonderful and experienced instructor. Thanks a lot, Claudia and the whole team. I learned a lot and got access to huge valuable resources and materials. During the course, you were keen on making us apply all that we learned and start right at the moment. Most importantly, you put us on the first steps on getting a job which is the goal of all of us. What I highly appreciate is your quick and active response to the technical issues that we reported and constant adaptation of the platform to suit our needs. Thank you again and again. I hope to see you in the coming courses...Thanks a million.”

Samar El-Naggar


“It's been a great experience, great team work and very positive energy! A tough challenge!... I want to thank you Claudia and the Proz team for this great opportunity in a very difficult time where we are all worried about our future and our careers, you have made this fantastic journey possible and I have really enjoyed it!”

Simona Viappiani


“Thank you a thousand times! I hope to meet soon in other trainings... When I think about how I started and what I accomplished...  I can’t help but feel grateful for the effort, patience and passion of the teacher and all those who helped make this course a reality. The course … is worth a fortune. Thank you very much.”

Sonia Chouchane


“I have learned many things that I did not know before. I learned about many platforms that use remote interpreting. I learned about some of the providers that hire interpreters. Now I know there is a modality of interpreting called sim-consec.! I think the Mothership is a great idea! I had to deal with video-editing, so now I know about this, which is great! It was a great opportunity to force myself to dive into the technology needed (like microphones, headsets, adaptors, cables, tablets, computers etc.). Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing it and for free!”

Victoria Heras


“This webinar has been an eye-opener in many ways. It has made me realize that technology is an ally that can make my job better and faster. Believe me when I say that I used to feel intimidated by it. This course will awaken in you the desire to learn about it. I met wonderful colleagues from all over the world, we reviewed the basics of interpretation, I learned to work in teams, we supported each other. This course is awesome for seasoned and new interpreters...I want to thank Claudia, Drew, Helen and Paul for putting together this webinar and offering it to us in such a generous way… Above all, Thank you very much!”

Yolanda Bustamante


“It's a good course if you are serious about the transition to remote interpretation and want to dedicate ... weeks entirely to studying different aspects of it, looking at different options of remote interpreting and picking up tips and tricks that can improve your performance. It is also a great challenge to dedicate this time to practicing your interpreting skills daily. Claudia, thank you for your wisdom, kindness, enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you everybody at who has been involved, you help is very much appreciated.”

Yuliya Makhrova

“I am very grateful for all the knowledge, skills and tips that were presented during the Retrain for Remote Interpreting Boot-Camp. Being able to partake in this course... during the COVID-19 crisis has helped me stay on track, and expand my horizons. Many thanks to the instructor and to”

Santiago Paez


“It's a fantastic course! Thanks for your efforts and daily evaluation. It's the second time for me to attend a qualified remotely course. Also, many thanks for quick response for all technical issues that we met and thanks for Claudia for quick response for all our questions”

Sara El-Shazly .


“This course was very valuable and teaches me a lot of tricks in translation and interpreting”

Sara El.Zaidy


“I am pleased to have attended this course with Claudia, who provided us with tons of information and skills in a short time which enabled me to have quick progress.”

Sarah Hamed


“Thanks for this great opportunity! Lots of invaluable information, helpful tips and practical tools for a successful start as a remote interpreter.”

Susanne Rosenberg


“My special thanks go to Claudia and her team for their dedication and the valuable knowledge and skills on remote interpreting they gave participants on the course. The lessons go far beyond my initial expectation as a part from the core skills of a remote”

Thi Thuy Duong Dinh


“It was such a great experience, thank you all for giving us this opportunity…It was great journey, thank you all. I will miss Claudia’s welcome videos…”

Yara Amin


“The course was very informative. The whole experience was really great. It helped me get out of my comfort zone, I gained a lot of new skills and I was able to do things I never thought I would be able to.”

Yasmine Hamza

“Let me start by expressing my deep gratitude to Claudia and everyone else involved in creating and running the course... I really enjoyed the contents and material of the course. The section on skills such as note taking, paraphrasing & parroting, etc. were a great refresher on interpreting while I also gained valuable insights about the reality of the VRI market, ethics and technology. I found the subject matter to be right in my wheelhouse, challenging enough to keep me interested yet easy enough for me to follow. If anyone is really interested in becoming a remote interpreter, the sheer volume of content in this course will certainly keep them occupied for a while. Also, the virtual teams were a great idea, and I feel I benefited immensely from talking to fellow translators/interpreters and observing them at work... I also really enjoyed getting to experiment with different platforms and online resources such as Kudo, Cyracom, etc. I now feel that if I wanted or needed to make a foray into VRI, I would at least know where to start... Overall, I am really glad that I signed up for the course.”

Adam Arnoch


“Just to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am determined to take advantage and develop my future career. My take: ‘just do it’, ‘do no harm’ and ‘practice, practice, practice’. A big thanks goes to the Proz team too. Well done! The course was very satisfying because not only we received a wealth of information and advice on remote interpretation but we have also made friends and networked along the way. Students were happy and were always looking forward to the next day even with... the daily assignments. Claudia is a very enthusiastic trainer. Thank you very much Claudia for affording us this excellent opportunity...!”

Aku Dzigbodi Burawudi


“First of all, I am so very grateful. I can't even tell you what this course has meant to me. It's helped me reconnect with my passion for learning and challenged me in ways that I had not challenged myself in years. And there were moments, specially at the beginning, where my frustration almost won the game. It was such a gift, though, to realize I could overcome it and embrace the learning process again. And I must say, Claudia's empathetic, supportive and tender voice had a lot to do with that, which, by the way, could be a great argument to anyone stating that online education lacks the richness of live human experience. It really depends on who's leading the boat, just like in any other educational setting or institution. This was a really wonderful course. I’ll say it a million times. And I'd strongly recommend it to anyone pursuing a remote interpreting career or simply wanting to learn the skill. I know it will take me months to review all the material to fully assimilate it. But at the same time, I feel I have what I need to start looking for volunteer opportunities to gain enough experience and eventually start offering my services in the market. Claudia, I cannot thank you enough. My warmest regards to you, and best of luck with the course to you and your team! Ana.”

Ana Raffo


“This course is a true Bootcamp. Very intense, and encompassing all aspects one may think of regarding Remote Interpreting, I would dare say that each of these well-structured challenging days of concentrated work might easily unfold into weeks each, and we wouldn’t be short of materials to go through or tasks to complete.,, in order to be able to enroll in [such] 14-week bootcamp [anywhere else], we would all need to pay a small fortune. An essential part of this course, however, would not be possible to mirror somewhere else... the ray of sunshine that we received every single day of this challenge as soon as we clicked Play in Claudia’s Welcome video... Claudia is a very special lady, and Empathy is the word that will be forever linked to this course, and in my mind as the key to good interpreting. Thank you!”

Dulce Vaz


“We’ve all been pushed off the cliff now and I want to thank you all Claudia, Drew, AK, Helen and Paul, for the working parachute. Thank you for your attitude of”first, do no harm” by so generously providing this opportunity to so many. The gesture reminds me of the Chinese character that means both danger and opportunity. This training embodies that. The encouragement to”just do it” is priceless. You decided to”just do it”, too. Fear was holding me back. Fear of technology, of failing, of appearing foolish and incompetent. Fear of the unknown. Silly, but human. It wasn’t so bad after all. Frustrating at times, but generally”doable.” Thank you for that and for the countless hours of time, effort and other resources that went into the training, and to all that led up to it... As a trainer, I want to say that I know how much went into this, Claudia. The content is chockfull with theory and practical skill building exercises. The verbal gym, its rubrics and other exercises are excellent. The acting module is fascinating. I will invite our theatre people in to do a presentation. The module on humanity is important in that interpreters and those we serve are human regardless of the admonition to serve as a conduit. Our humanity including our ability to provide ethical and first-rate customer service are part of a whole that includes our shared humanness along with the theory, skills and technology. You know that many of the modules could be courses on their own. Ethics, Standards of Practice, CLAS, HIPPA and confidentiality, Roles and Modes in Interpreting, Barriers to Communication, Notetaking and the sheer magnitude of available technology and the ways that is shaping the way we interact… Most importantly, what we learn we must put into practice for ourselves as you often remind us. What we do is more important than what we know. Teaching/Learning with Technology is a discipline in itself. Teachers were tasked with becoming experts in one week before being pushed out of our nests. I am ashamed to admit I was not as positive minded as your team at ProZ. I’ve taken courses, taught a bit online, used various learning platforms. I think I learned what was missing. My”voice”. Your”voice” in this class, Claudia, is precious, as is the support provided by the platform. I knew you were there, knowledgeable, capable, approachable and always encouraging to just do the work, not give up, not give in, do my best, learn what was possible to learn, start where I am and keep going from there. That’s what you did. I guess the old axiom is true. Actions speak louder than words... As for the content well, it’s a boot camp. That sums it up. You advise us all through it to keep going. Get what we can and go back to what we need to explore further. It’s a beginning and something well begun will end well provided I invest in it. I was already great at theory. I’m an academician. I now have a clear sense of the technological skills and equipment required. I believe I have the knowledge and skills to make a lucrative career as a Trans-Interpreter, (TM) Claudia Brauer, with Education and Medical specialties. Once I brush up on my legal terminology, I’ll add that. I hope to take a seminar on financial terminology. Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to do this work. It’s my time now. Thank you all for your gift to me. Sincerely, Elizabeth A. Morais, MA CCHI, IMIA Spanish/English 5/4/2”

Elizabeth A. Morais


“I began this Bootcamp challenge when my son way away and was able to keep pace until he returned. During the times I was able to focus properly on the work, I realized mostly that I would be able to rise to the challenge, and this had a very positive affect. I attempted most challenges and learnt from most of them and did make a few mistakes I have done in the past, e.g. not joining in the teamwork sufficiently. I am much happier having tried this as I have done interpreting courses and volunteering and paid interpreting before. There is really a sense of having been brought up to date with what is happening with interpreting and there being no excuse for not moving forward with it in some way. Really, I would love to do this as a job.”

Evelyn Petri


“I very much enjoyed the content of the course, and wished I had more time to do all the activities and practice more with my peers... I particularly enjoyed working with peers, which was very interesting and we laughed a lot, especially when interpreting screenplays, which a fantastic activity. A very different activity to the medical or legal interpreting most interpreters do at work, yet a very enriching experience, as you get to understand the true meaning and spirit in the message and get to do some acting.... This Bootcamp was a Challenge indeed. It was jam packed with valuable information and resources which establish a solid foundation for a professional remote interpreter. I, as a practicing face-to-face interpreter, refreshed my basics, honed my existing skills, learnt about technology, and broadened my horizons on a global scale. I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in entering the world of remote interpreting.”

Lucie Ctvrtnickova


“I have always been a language freak, dreaming to be a translator... After 10 years of experience in translating and conference interpreting (with no formal or informal education from the field) this was my first ‘official’ course and I loved every minute of it. It was like a gift that came from God in propitious moment, when I was at home, contemplating on whether to leave my regular job and dedicate full time to my first love. Because of the COVID-19, I had to stay at home and my part-time job was drifted online, so I had to learn very fast to use camera, conference tools, acting... All skills that were taught in the course. This was just the beginning, the immersion will follow, as there is so much more to learn every day. Thank you so much Claudia, for putting all the passion into it (I know this is part of your Colombian DNA...). The sparkle I see in your eyes, when you share the knowledge of what you love with next generations, gives me motivation and confirmation to keep going on that path. Nina P. Muñoz, Slovenia”

Nina P. Muñoz


“This training will help me improve my professional interpretation skills in the medical field. Now I have the tools and the incentive and confidence to extend my interpretation and customer service skills into the remote modality.... These days of training for remote interpreters were awesome! I learned an incredible amount; the acting skills, the technological, human relationships, Code of ethics, the different remote interpreting platforms and other topics... were all excellent and very complete. And what can I say about the generous number of resources that was provided to us during this training? Those resources can continue our education, to enrich our knowledge in benefit of ourselves and our clients. I received great tools that will enable me to excel as a remote medical interpreter. This training is an eye opener for me. And I cannot wait to put into practice all that I learned. Claudia Brauer is an excellent, dynamic and thoughtful instructor /facilitator. Thanks for this great and unique opportunity! This was a very valuable learning experience. We also had the opportunity to meet new colleagues and we were able to work remotely /internationally with them!. This allows us to collaborate between each other now and in the near future. Thanks Claudia and ProZ for this fantastic training!”

Rosa Narhi


“Big thank you for everyone! I have been working as a translator and interpreter for almost 20 years. I really liked how from the very start of the course we were brainwashed (in a good way) into remote interpreting as a new paradigm for the future of our profession. Those who work in a particular field for a long time might sometimes get stuck in their ways and become blind to the changes that are happening around them. Claudia provided comprehensive information, a bird's-eye view of the current situation. It is inspiring to see her, with so many years of experience, being up to date with the technological developments and encouraging others to never stop learning. I must admit, I have been reluctant to the idea of becoming tech-savvy. It was good for me to hear someone drumming it into my ears. I was never trained as an interpreter. My qualification is International Law and Foreign Languages. I noted down many resources and will continue honing my note-taking techniques. Needless to stay, I will be keeping an eye on upcoming courses. I already wrote to Claudia that I contacted several recommended LSPs during one of the sessions and one has taken me on. I am grateful to the entire team behind the course. Thank you for your massive effort!”

Tatiana Kovalenko


“The Bootcamp Challenge to Retrain for Remote Interpreting has provided me with practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are readily transferable to other occupations and professions. The course instructor has been immensely welcoming, supportive and encouraging throughout to build my confidence and resilience. Through this training course, I have also connected with fellow participants from no fewer than 4 countries, 3 continent and across 3 time zones. The opportunity to collaborate with my international colleagues has been immeasurably beneficial. We have quickly built a rapport through our Zoom meetings and WhatsApp study sessions. I will always cherish this experience no matter what my future career will take me. Finally, I am deeply indebted to ... ... during these strange times when many communities are disconnected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we have learned from the course, we, as future remote interpreters, will hopefully help towards maintaining the togetherness of humanity through technology-assisted interpreting. That should be a noble aspiration for all of us. Thank you once again for this unique opportunity... I would like to congratulate all of those people behind the scene who have made this course possible: the researchers, the graphic designers, the various coordinators and the digital artists and technical experts who have been incredibly responsive to make this interactive platform more user-friendly as the course progressed. Thank you”

Vincent Lien


“The Brauer Retraining for Remote Interpreting course is a great course for simultaneous interpreters taking us completely out of our comfort zone to: become more tech savvy, brush up on note-taking skills. practice our B language virtually in a group. With all of my on-site interpreting jobs cancelled due to Covid-19, it gave me personally a sense of direction and purpose... Thank you, thank you for this course, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. It made me get up every day with a purpose. I learned a lot about platforms like Kudo. In fact, I have started the process of applying to Kudo. (I am located very close to their studio in Paris.)”

“Dear Training Team. Thank you very much for your efforts and wonderful boot camp... It was a perfect time and helps us to  benefit from having to stay home. We learn more and practice more and more.”

Ahmed Badran Bedir


“Although I was stressed and tired because of the everything I have to do in this course in addition to my work and other responsibilities, but I really enjoyed it and I am going to miss it. Thank you so much!”

Barbara Duffus


“The course was very interesting… I a conference interpreter and trying to learn about the new ways of working in this new reality we are all facing. Thank you!”

Claudia Baffy


“I'm so happy to have been a part of this bootcamp. I'm a translator, not a professional interpreter yet, but was lucky attend this remote training. Thank you so much...I can't thank you enough… You make us feel happy.”

Eddaaliti Sanaa


“It was really useful!!! All the material provided was extremely valuable. Thank you very much for this great learning opportunity.”

Gabriela Jovovic


“Generally, I gained a lot of experiences and advice in this course to develop my interpreting career. Claudia Brauer was  brilliant and motivating. Thanks for your time.”

Gilane Hassan


“Getting out of my comfort zone was hard but yet useful and great, thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for sharing such valuable information.”

Heba Okes


“it was a very good training. I want to learn and practice more of my new skills!”

Isabel Gallardo De Lucas


“It was so generous of Claudia to offer this course and set it up in such a short time frame... overall, the course was packed full of useful information and practice time. Well worth the effort. I really felt as though I have improved my consecutive skills!”

Jackie Doble


“Thanks to Claudia and the ProZ-team we got the chance to learn our new way of professional living. I'm truly grateful for having had such a great quality opportunity!”

Johanna Rathmann


“Thank you, Claudia and your team!”

Kateryna Kryzhanovska


“Dear Claudia! Thank you for your hard work and this wonderful opportunity. It was a great course! Thank you so much again.”

Lusine Sargsyan


“Thank you very much Claudia for your time, patience and generosity, you were such a great instructor!”

Maria Trujillo


“A good and solid presentation and I hope that the feedback recognizes the effort that was put into getting this course ready for the first time.”

Michael D. Sherokee


“Thank you for offering us this training. This course was a good basic introduction to remote interpreting.”

Michael Mudd


“Excellent course with great content. Thank you again Claudia and the Proz Staff for putting this together!”

Min Chen


“It was a great learning process… Thank you very much for this bootcamp”

Nardjesse Kheidri


“Awesome job Claudia, and thanks for all of your efforts!!”

Nicoletta Canesi


“The best part were the links to some of the platforms for RI, and the overview of the market. “

Nuria Bover


“The course is useful, relevant, and rich in examples and resources.”

Paris Pekin Traduction


“The contents were GREAT, and a lot of work was put into them! I cannot thank Claudia and all the team enough for this incredible effort to have everything ready for us in record time, for her extraordinary attitude, and for all of her wonderful tips and insights. God bless you all!”

Patricia Chárraga


“I never thought I could manage this course. For the final examination I was very nervous, but I think everything else went very well. I am so happy to have participated in this wonderful course, although the time was too short - for so many tasks!”

Paula Moreira


“The content and exercises are awesome and very useful, “

Radwa Salah

“I'd like to thank Claudia and everyone involved in putting together this course! I really appreciate your hard work!”

Yedda Araujo


“Dear Team! This training has been an amazing learning opportunity but also an amazing experience as a sign of support to the community in these challenging times.”

Zuzana Kusá

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