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2021 Fall/Winter
Remote Interpreters Bootcamp

Created by Claudia Brauer

in association with

“The best course
I have ever taken in interpreting!
Thank you, Claudia.”
Gladys de Contreras (2020)

“A great opportunity that makes you challenge yourself…. you find yourself unconsciously absorbing all the information.
And the thing about neuropaths that Claudia mentioned the first class is really magic.”
Omar Darwish (2020)

What is this course about?

  • Group "live online" portion plus self-guided "Bootcamp to Become a Remote Language Interpreter" facilitated by Claudia Brauer via Facebook, Zoom and/or Skype. 

  • This is the actual Bootcamp modules PLUS the community workshops to train newcomers to interpreting and
    to help those interpreters who have experience acquire skills to become remote interpreters. 

  • Claudia's GROUP-based interventions with participants foster connection, fellowship and fraternity, which are essential to promote real participation in the acquisition and development of interpreting skills. 

  • The bootcamp content created in 2020  by Claudia in a unique association with It was completed by more than 100 linguists throughout the world and their feedback shows we exceeded all their expectations

Note: All "live online" sessions are recorded and available for asynchronous access 24/7 during the bootcamp. This ensures that learners may access content even if they are not able to attend the sessions synchronously.

What you get:

1) 80-hour bootcamp content (the self-paced portion of this course). This covers everything you need to know about interpreting, delivered via lessons, concepts to study and practice, videos and sound files, plus an individual quiz for each section. Also, a huge amount of free resources to study.

2) Weekly assignments to complete individually or in a group setting (you create and/or join your own groups).

3) Weekly online questions and answers sessions with Claudia on facebook and/or zoom or other platforms.

4) 28 hours "live" online weekly sessions in a group setting with Claudia, during a 5-month period, which is the time needed to complete the 14-week challenge.

5) Group guidance by Claudia on how to find or join practice groups online in your language pair. This guidance and support includes, but is not limited to the Facebook Mothership group.

6) Access to group glossaries created and edited by you and your peers in Google Drive.

7) Guidance on how to create your own glossary in the platform.

8) Weekly emails reminding you and guiding you about the work you need to complete that week and the due dates to submit.

“Excellent opportunity to learn how to adapt as a professional to the new challenges ahead and to add more services to become more competitive for the new market demands. Great job, Claudia and the team!”
Romina Bona (2020)

“I really came to love remote interpreting because of this course.” Muhammad Amer

“The course is useful, relevant, and rich in examples and resources.”
ParisPékin Traduction (2020)

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Start date: Oct. 24, 2020
Closing date: March 13, 2021

                                                          Preparation week October  17-23

Week 1     Oct 24-30
Week 2     Oct 31-Nov 6
Week 3     Nov 7 - 13
Week 4     Nov 14-20
                                                      Thanksgiving Break: November 21-27


Week 5     Nov 28- Dec 4
Week 6     Dec 5-11
Week 7     Dec 12-18



Winter Break:
Dec 19, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022

Week 8      Jan 9-15
Week 9      Jan 16-22
Week 10    Jan 23-29

Week 11    Jan 30- Feb 5, 


Final Break:   February 6-12

Week 12    Feb 13-19
Week 13    Feb 20-26

Week 14  Feb 27-March 5
Make-up week: March 6-12

Final Live Session: March 13, 2022

About Claudia's Interpreter Bootcamp

Helping you become the best version of your self!

My mission is to offer an ON-LINE PROGRAM

and caters to all students around the world,
from novices to working professionals.

All modules are web-based, so you can access them

 from ANY DEVICE connected to the internet.

We have an OPEN-SCHEDULE (asynchronous)

and interactive master sessions with Claudia Brauer.

You can learn in your own time, regardless of location.

You have TWO learning options:

Group-learning format,
with Claudia facilitating

interactive live web-based
master sessions

and you completing your
weekly lessons plans

online self-paced and

with your group. 


This option allows you to fly solo.

You receive your lesson plan

and sessions activate

per a schedule you choose, 

within pre-set weekly parameters 

2021 Fall/Winter Bootcamp!

Enroll right away in the next Bootcamp, before prices go up!

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